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www.mychoiceintown.com is not just one more restaurant guide. We go the extra mile and let you find a place based on multiple selection criteria. You might want to find a restaurant that can accommodate a large number of guests ? Or you just want to know where to find the best beef, fish or pizza. Alternatively you are looking for a nice terrace to have lunch in summer. Furthermore we inform you about the openings, available private parking space or price category. You can even view the location using the build-in google-map function. Last but not least,our site is not sponsored by the restaurant lobby. It is being maintained by a community of gourmets who share the same passion. Just give it a try and find out if "mychoiceintown.com" will also become your choice !


The aim of this site is not to give negative ratings. In case a place does not meet our it will not be selected and will not show up on this web-site. When we rate a place using our "MyChoice"-symbol 1,2,3,4 or 5 times, this means that for one or more selection criteria, the place differentiates to others within a similar category. An italian restaurant might serve the best pizza, but only average pasta. In such a case, the place would get 3 or 5 "MyChoice" symbols for pizza but none or only 1 symbol for pasta. a.s.o. A pizzeria can have 4 MyChoice symbols same as a Michelin rated restaurant. Ratings have always to be read considering the price category.


Eventhough we try to test once a year all restaurants published on this site, there might be changes in ownership, commercial step downs or other reasons that might impact the quality-price ratio of a restaurant. Therefore we highly appreciate your comments or recommendation, so to be able to keep this site as valuable as possible for the whole community of users. You can post your comments or ideas within a dedicated section using the "be the first to comment" link available for each item. Links are available on every green-colored text items.  Should you miss on this site one of your favorite places, please let us know so that we can do our own evaluation and potentially add it to this website.


All details on this web-site have been retrieved with large effort so to be as correct and consistant as possible. However, the authors cannot be made responsible in case of uncomplete or wrong information. This site also contains links to other web-sites that are fully independant and once more, the authors cannot be made responsible for content shown on such linked web-sites. In case you are the owner of a business shown or commented on this web-site and should you disagree being published on this web-site; please let us know by sending an email to info@mychoiceintown.com stating your name and phone number and we will remove the content immediately !